Crypto-fiat deposit

International Consumer Siciety

The program allows you to save and increase your funds

Program for crypto enthusiasts and investors

The goal is to generate stable income for holders of fiat and cryptocurrencies. The percentage of accrual depends on the amount of the deposit. The larger the amount, the higher the percentage. Maximum 24%.

Example 1

The participant deposits his funds in crypto-coins and after a year receives a choice, in fiat (cu) or crypt, up to 24%.

Example 2

A deposit of 0.1 btc (at the rate of $ 50,000 it is 5000 usd). If after one year BTC has grown, then you get 0.1 btc + 24% (0.024 btc). If BTC falls after a year, then you get 5000 usd + 24% (1200 usd).

Example 3

Deposit in the amount of 1000 usd (at the rate of 50.000 $ is 0.02 btc). If after a year BTC has grown, then you get 0.02 btc + 24% (0.0048 btc). If after a year BTC falls, then you get 1000 usd + 24% (240 usd).