International Consumer Siciety

Questions – answers

How can you make money without participating in CS “LETS” programs? You can take advantage of the situation and just buy VTP coins just to capitalize on the growth of its price. In order to make sure that the price of a coin will grow at a high rate, it is necessary to understand the pricing conditions of this coin..

– A certain amount of this coin was issued (100 million coins) and there will be no new issue until the end of 2020. This is determined by the rules and plans of the Platform. The coin price at the start is 0.03 USD (3 cents).

– If the value of the coin is not raised in price, then the total number of participants in CS “LETS” Programs will be limited by the number of VTP coins that are on the market. That is, an average of 3000 people will be able to take advantage of this offer. But the potential is huge! Indeed, many countries will participate in the Programs. Participation rules have already been determined.

What are the advantages of the programs CS “LETS” ?

– You can solve the housing issue for only 1% of the cost or $ 300, even with a bad credit history.

– All contributions and payments under the main Program are refundable, if anything..

– In case of refusal to pay the loan amount, the property is transferred to CS “LETS”, and the Participant is returned all the amounts that he contributed to the Company.

How to register correctly in CS “LETS”? It is better to register using the referral link of the person who invited you. Even banks are now using ref links. If you register without an affiliate link, then after activating the main program you will receive a partner who will be appointed by the site itself.

How to top up the balance and activate programs CS «LETS». See the instructions for replenishment and activation here …

Can I participate in the Main and Secondary programs at the same time? Yes you can. Then your entire structure from the secondary program will go to your main Program. When the secondary program is closed, the participant receives a choice: an additional place in the main program or withdraw earned. 

What happens with the account of participant who has changed his mind to participate in CS “LETS” programs? If the Participant decides to refuse to participate in the Program (refund), then the Participant’s account is blocked. But a place in the system remains even when a new Participant is registered by any of the higher levels of this Participant — the new participant takes this place with its entire structure.

If there is no answer to your question, make a list of questions and we will definitely answer them (contacts).