About company

International Consumer Siciety

For a comfortable and fulfilling life of the participants, CS LETS Develops and implements Programs of support and provision in all major spheres of life of the members of our Community. The cooperative offers its participants of the Interest-Free Loan Programs, significant cost savings under the Cost Optimization program, to save and increase funds.

The company is organized as a consumer cooperative, registered and operates in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

Purpose: free you from the thought of where to get money for fixed expenses. For many items, costs can be reduced to almost zero!

The main activities of the company:

Consumer cooperation. Consolidation of producers and consumers within the company. Thanks to this, prices for the consumer are reduced and sales for manufacturers are planned to increase.

The implementation of new technologies for both consumers and manufacturers. New technologies make it possible to reduce the cost of production, accelerate financial flows, attract new financing channels, reduce utility bills and other consumer expenses to a minimum.

Social programs:  Automotive and Housing, Marketplace of the goods and services, Optimization of the expenses. A number of other programs and projects are under development that will significantly reduce expenses and generate additional income for its participants..

Health — structured drinking water for every home, prevention of iodine deficiency and diseases, bio-nutrition, wellness program.

Department directions:

Real estate — housing program for participants, construction. Autonomous objects, cottage townships using new technologies. Participation in European projects from the zero stage of construction.

Investments — investment programs, investment accumulation fund of new technologies.

Business — business cooperation, targeted collective growth of intellectual property and capital.

Charity — Fund for Children — Fund for Entrepreneurs. Purpose of funds with support, audit and joint online access.

Energy — solar energy, bio-synthesis gas, storage modules, magnetic modular generators and other types of technologies.


The company contracted joint venture agreement with the Estonian company Value Tokenization Platform, OU. As part of the agreement, the Cooperative uses VTP tokens as a payment and accounting unit.

Road map

2019 year.

June 2019

+ Launch of the ValueTP platform, emission of VTP coins.

August — november. + A model for providing interest-free loans for cooperative members has been developed.

November — december. + Development of technical specifications for cooperative programs.

2019-2020 years. + To implement the consumer loan program, work was carried out with European partners who provide loans at low% and interest-free.

2020 year.

September. Registration of the company CS “LETS”.

+ Launching the program of the CS “LETS”. Automotive / Housing.

+ Negotiations for listing VTP platform tokens.

+ Development of technical specifications for the creation of a crypto exchange.


+ Development and launch of the Trading platform.


+ Launching the program of the CS “LETS” Risk-free crypto-fiat “deposit”.


+ Issue of the ValueTP token based on the Stellar blockchain.

2021 year.

January — december.

– Organization of representative offices of CS “LETS” in different countries. With a country turnover of $ 300k, a representative office opens.

– Organization of insurance programs.

– Construction company. From finishing works to building houses.

– Water bottling company.

– Taxi Service / Application.

– Creation of a bank of new technologies.

– International anti-cafe network attracting investment in the project. Launch of each cafe as investment is raised.

Offer for investors. Entrance 100 000 UAH (1 share = $ 4k). The return on investment begins in the next calendar month after the start of the investment. The principle of return: 10% of the network’s turnover, distributed monthly to all investors (the pool of investors will constantly grow). The approximate return investment is 1 year. Additional benefits: free admission to a network of institutions, obtaining a second higher education. 

January — november.

– Development and launch of a cryptocurrency exchange.

– Creation of the Socio-Economic Network.

– Development and launch of an advertising platform.

– Creation and launch of a platform for freelancers.

– Development and launch of an automated service for the exchange of electronic money and cryptocurrencies.

– Registration of a financial and capital management company in Switzerland.


– Individual entrepreneur rights Assemblies.

February — march.

Launch of a marketlace of goods and services.

March — december. Development of an Educational Platform.


Optimization of expenses.


– Exchange system.

– Registration of a cooperative in Estonia.

– Signing cooperation agreements with the European Association of Cooperators and other international organizations in the field of cooperation.

– Popularization of private money. RAMICS.

May — december. Development of software and applications for various operating systems. Pricing system for legal entities.

June. Carrying out a tender for the selection of projects from the bank of new technologies.

– Assistance in the creation of an assembly of people with disabilities. WHO in Ukraine.

July — december.

– Launch of an investment fund for entrepreneurs. Providing financing to private entrepreneurs and existing businesses.

– Registration of 2 venture funds.

– Development and implementation of a program to reduce the level of delinquency and increase welfare.

– Dating service.


Crypto exchange.

2022 year.

January — december.

– Creation of a bank ter.gromad.

– Development of social businesses based on the anti-cafe network and the launch of business incubators and business accelerators.

– Creation of a pension fund.

– Work on collecting information and knowledge to fill the Library of Peace.

January — March. 

– Launch of financial programs, in particular: Real estate as a deposit.

– Debt decreasing program.

2023 year.

January — december.

– Medical Center.

– Participation in the design of the eco-city economy.

– Cooperation with international organizations, economic and financial structures.

– Creation of a product certification center.

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