International Consumer Siciety

No mandatory invitations!

No mandatory purchases!

No time limit!

Interest-free loan for 8 years!

The payment is refunded if the Participant changes his mind!

Partner  Program

After activation of any of the Partner Programs of the CS “LETS”, a place in the corresponding partner structure of the Participant is activated.

The partner structure displays the places of the Participants who have activated the Program. This can be a team of a Participant or higher Participants who are more active. The partnership structure consists of 40 places (3/9/27). The top is always occupied by the Participant himself. Below are 3 places. Even lower — 9 places and the last row — 27 places.

Participants who activate the Main Program for 300 USD (car and real estate), immediately fall into the main Partner structure.

After the closure of the structure 3/9/27,

the Participant receives a remuneration in the amount of 2,700 USD.

This is the first reward for the Affiliate Program.

Participants who activate the Subsidiary Program for $ 30 will enter the Main Program only after the closure of the Subsidiary Program (3/9/27).

If the Participant is passively participating in the Program, then the structure will be filled in thanks to the work of more active higher-level partners.

Active Members receive additional remuneration under the Partnership Program for recommending other people to participate in any of the CS “LETS” Programs.

This is a linear reward 10 levels deep.

Moreover, if the Participant has even invited one person, then he receives a reward from 10 levels in depth.

From the first line (personally invited) – 5% of the sum of the invitee’s entrance to the Program.

From the second line 2%.

From the third – 1%.

From the fourth – 0.5%.

From the fifth to the eighth lines – 0.3% each.

From the ninth line – 0.2%.

From the tenth line – 0.1%.

Multiple bonuses are paid when there is a payment from the Followers of a member of CS “LETS” up to the tenth generation inclusive to the account of CS “LETS” for property under financial leasing agreements, for making an additional share, or other stipulated contributions. The amount of reusable bonuses is indicated in the summary table No. 1.

Amount of reusable bonuses:

From the first line – 2.5%.

From the second line – 1%.

From the third – 0.5%.

From the fourth – 0.25%.

From the fifth to the eighth lines – 0.15% each.

From the ninth line – 0.1%.

From the tenth line – 0.05%.

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