VT Platform

V.T.Platform – value tokenization platform.

Attracting investments for new and existing businesses.

VTP coin has grown 30 times in two years.

About VTP platform

New financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies and tokens are at a stage of rapid growth and development. They have an undefined legal status and are highly volatile due to the lack of regulation and meaningful rules of circulation.

At the same time, they attract the interest of people, being free from government regulation, from the attention of tax and supervisory authorities, and from manipulations with emission. Freedom and ease of circulation, limited emission by individuals and companies, decentralization of transactions and cross-border payments speak in favor of cryptocurrencies and tokens as an evolutionary new system of financial and monetary relations.

The creators of the platform are not inclined to view the relationship between government fiat currencies and cryptoassets as a confrontation between financial systems. Cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets in the form of tokens have yet to take their place in the evolving financial system, to justify their importance. The inevitable is the regulation and legal justification of the issue, the rules of circulation, the ownership and categorization of cryptoassets. In this direction, the company makes every effort in the process of creating and developing the platform project.

TASK: change unsubstantiated speculative rates on cryptocurrency exchanges – into audited, real rates of tokens based on real assets.

The company sees the possibility of combining the merits of classical and “cryptocurrency” instruments in the tokenization of real assets – that is, an adequate reflection of the value of a real asset in the digital embodiment of this asset. The project is conceived as a practical implementation of a tool for tokenizing the assets of a company or a group of companies. Its goal is to introduce a structural or specialized cryptoasset that reflects the value of an asset in the form of a price per token unit. We see utility tokens and value tokens as such cryptoassets – value tokens backed by real, audited assets..

Providing the company with the entire package of services, including the issuance of cryptoassets and classical financial instruments, the platform, thereby, organically solves the issue of transferring fiat instruments to a cryptoasset and vice versa, as well as the issue of reflecting the real value of the asset and the price of the token in real time due to the real-time audit.

Value tokens or utility tokens used on the Platform are the authority to claim the owner of the token in the obligation of the issuer of these tokens. The essence of the issuer’s obligations is formulated in the characteristics of the token when it is issued. The content of these obligations, in turn, determines the specific set of documents that accompanies a token assignment transaction. The platform ensures the automatic generation of such smart contracts and the signing of these documents with digital signatures by both parties to the transaction. It is these documents that accompany all transactions that link digital and real assets.

The platform The platform uses the legal model of the transfer of the right to claim in the obligation. Even if the liability itself is a financial asset, the right to claim it is not, therefore, does not come under the control of any regulators of financial markets and does not imply licensing.

VTP platform is designed for independent tokenization of any of their assets by enterprises of the real sector of the economy. The transfer of ordinary assets to their digital equivalent – cryptoassets opens access to all the advantages of modern crypto technologies, such as decentralization and blockchain, and, at the same time, allows not neglecting the well-established, all recognized financial instruments, rules and traditions of business turnover.

Partner program

Partners of the Company who promote the main product of the Company – the emission of new tokens, receive a partner reward.

Everytime when a company issues tokens on the VTP platform, the Partner who recommended the Platform to this company receives a reward in the tokens of this company and they are credited to the Partner’s account.

You can buy tokens through the partners of CS “LETS”.

The second and next stages of the issue of the Platform tokens will alternate with other types of attracting investments in the Company, including the sale of the Company’s share.

Why will the price of the VTP token grow?

VTP token can be compared with a share of any company. Price of 1 share = (Value of all assets) / (number of issued shares). If the number of shares is a constant value, then with the growth of assets, the share price will increase. For the same reason, the price of the VTP token (as well as other tokens issued on the platform) will only change due to the value of the assets.

Clients of the Compan, who want to issue their tokens pay for it with their tokens. On the one hand, this is the Company’s income, but this is a necessary protective mechanism against sudden fluctuations of the new token. Having received these tokens in reserve, the Company thus increased its assets, so the value of the VTP platform tokens will constantly grow. Very fast at first, then slower, but growing!

The second stage of attracting investments for the platform will take place in the form of selling the Company’s share to a venture capital fund. The fund evaluates the prospects of the Company for several years, makes an assessment of assets, management, business planning and buys a share of the Company. Thus, the Company undergoes an audit by an external investor and due to the fact that the purchase of a share takes place officially, the whole Company is revalued, and therefore its assets, that is, VTP tokens. The cost of tokens can change in multiples. This is another reason for investors to buy VTP platform tokens at the first stage.

But in order to avoid such a strong fluctuation in the price of the token, the Company plans to make an additional issue of tokens. This is possible due to the fact that the value of assets will increase, and the issue of tokens on the platform is possible only if the assets are backed up. At the third stage, tokens will be sold at a different price. Approximate estimate – from 10 to 20 cents per token.

The second and third stages of attracting investments are necessary for the wide distribution of the Platform around the world – opening offices, staff, a strong legal department. All this is necessary for the planned development of the Company, the launch of new businesses.

The maximum emission volume of VTP tokens is 10 billion tokens.

The nearest plans

Registration of several companies in different jurisdictions: Switzerland; United Arab Emirates; Singapore.

Linking the Platform to a blockchain analog – make platform decentralization.

Exchange, purchase and sale of various tokens issued on the platform.

Longterm plans

Development of new encryption methods, incl. and at the hardware level.

Development and implementation of social businesses around the world.

The second and next stages of the issue of the Platform tokens will alternate with other types of attracting investments in the Company, including the sale of the Company’s share.